10 Second Semester Healthy Habits

This blog post is mostly centered towards college students preparing for second semester, but this can also relate to teachers starting a second semester with a new group of students or even college professors. I am a recent college graduate and now a teacher. Plus, I will have to go back to college very soon... Continue Reading →


Easy Zucchini & Meat Sauce Recipe

This was a creation I started in college, and all my college friends thought it was amazing. So now I want to share it with all of you. One day I was craving pasta, but I knew I would not be able to stay up and get the work I needed to get done if... Continue Reading →

50 Things To Do If You’re Stressed

Last weeks stress post was a hit! Now I came up with 50 Things To Do If You Are Stressed! Enjoy 🙂 Take A NapRead A BookListen To A Motivational PodcastExerciseGo To The GymGet Your Favorite Healthy Comfort Food (mine is sushi)MeditatePractice YogaTurn On Essential Oil DiffuserWatch Your Favorite Show On NetflixWrite In Your JournalPlan... Continue Reading →

How To Be More Professional In 7 Tips

Being a teacher is a very professional job. I’d say ranked up top along with lawyers, doctors, police officers, etc. It’s ranked that high specifically because we have expectations to be professional all the time because we are preparing the youth of the world how to grow up to be professional adults. Get a job,... Continue Reading →

DIY- Exploding Photo Box

I tried to think of something different to show you guys this DIY Saturday. So here is how to make a DIY Exploding Box like the one you see in the photo above! It’s cute and a perfect gift idea for a special someone. Materials: 20 picturesCard stock paperScissorsGlue stickScotch Tape Step One -  Cut... Continue Reading →

Easy Pasta Primavera Recipe

I’m not much of a chef. But I do love pasta and I do love veggies. This is my super easy pasta primavera recipe. You can add pretty much any vegetables you would like but these are a few of my favorites. Ingredients: 1 box of Pasta 2 cups of olive oil 1 onion -... Continue Reading →

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