10 Second Semester Healthy Habits

This blog post is mostly centered towards college students preparing for second semester, but this can also relate to teachers starting a second semester with a new group of students or even college professors. I am a recent college graduate and now a teacher. Plus, I will have to go back to college very soon to complete my Masters Degree. School is very prevalent in my life. So here are my 10 Second Semester Healthy Habits to help you get through the rest of the year to summer.

Block Out Your Time

In the thumbnail is an example of how to block out your time throughout the week. It helps keeps you organized of your classes, appointments, meetings, work and you can see when you are giving yourself time to relax and take care of yourself.

Move Your Body

Exercise comes in a variety of forms. Going to the gym was popular with me and my friends in college, but sometimes my roommate and I just enjoyed running outside when the weather was nice. Our college campus offered free Yoga and Zumba classes. Grab a friend and take advantage of the many different ways you can move your body. Even if that means dancing in the kitchen as you cook your meals.

Practice Self Care

I cannot stress this enough. Make sure you are taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Take time every single day to sit down with your journal and/or a good book and just do you. Don’t worry about work and school or whatever drama is happening in your friend group. Take some time to yourself and practice what makes you feel good and stress free.

Keep Your Environment Clean

There’s nothing like a messy apartment, messy bag, dirty clothes, dirty room, rotting refrigerator to make me feel TERRIBLE. When you keep your environment clean, you are more likely to be more productive and feel like getting work done in your space. So clean your apartment, clean out your bag, do your laundry, clean your room and throw out weeks old food in your refrigerator. When your environment is healthy, you are healthy.

Spend Time With The People Around You

It’s so easy to become a workaholic. Don’t be afraid to take an hour out of your time to go out and have dinner with your friends. Trust me, your work will be there when you get back. For me, I would even accomplish more after I would do something fun and then come back to get some work done.

Take Study Breaks

Studying for 5 hours straight can be done (believe me, I’ve done it) but you become so burnt out by the end of the day that you can’t do anything afterwards. You can’t go to the gym, be with friends, cook, practice self care. No all you want to do is grab Taco Bell, lay in bed and eat, then afterwards fall asleep. Make sure you are taking breaks between each study session. If you are going to study for 5 hours, take a break every hour. In that break do things like going to the gym, cooking, practicing self care, etc. You will feel much better after you finish studying for the day.


In college, I needed my sleep to survive. Well even now, I need my sleep to survive. So many people stay up until late hours in the night, sleep for like 3-4 hours and then go right back to work and I’m like huh??? Sleep. It’s your body’s favorite medicine. It is recommended that your body gets 6-8 hours of sleep a day, and I spoil myself and take the full 8 hours. Follow it, live it, embrace it. Put your body at peace for the time it deserves!

Eat Smart Foods

The amount of times I would get out of the library and be like ugh I can’t go home and cook, I’m exhausted. So I would grab either terrible campus food or fast food. That’s not fueling your body. Eat foods that give your body the nutrients to carry you through your busy day. If you don’t have the time to cook, meal prep! Take your Sunday evening and cook all your food for the week. Your body will thank you and you will feel much more energized getting through the work you need to get through.

Don’t Neglect Your Hygiene 

Some people must be thinking, ew what? But it happens. Do not skip your showers, skip washing your face, skip brushing your teeth, skip clipping your nails, skip washing your body or hair, skip flossing, skip laundry, skip washing your bedding, etc. I don’t know about you but I can’t concentrate on ANYTHING if I feel dirty. 

Go To Your Commitments

I know. I know. Sometimes you wake up before your 8am class and you are like not today, good night. I’ve been there. I’ve been there with my 2pm classes. When you skip classes, your skipping out on material that you will have to eventually catch up on. Usually while you are catching up on that material, it’s when you are learning even MORE material. If you have a meeting with a professor or a colleague but you have a million things to do, don’t bail on your commitments. Find the time. After your commitment is completed, well then you can decide if that’s something you will have time for in the future. Do not skip out on commitments.

I hope my tips are helpful! Preserve your energy and don’t quit on your healthy habits once things start to get tough in the semester. Good luck to all my college student and teacher followers on your second semester!

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