50 Things To Do If You’re Stressed

Last weeks stress post was a hit! Now I came up with 50 Things To Do If You Are Stressed! Enjoy 🙂

  1. Take A Nap
  2. Read A Book
  3. Listen To A Motivational Podcast
  4. Exercise
  5. Go To The Gym
  6. Get Your Favorite Healthy Comfort Food (mine is sushi)
  7. Meditate
  8. Practice Yoga
  9. Turn On Essential Oil Diffuser
  10. Watch Your Favorite Show On Netflix
  11. Write In Your Journal
  12. Plan Your Goals
  13. Do A Future Visualization Exercise 
  14. Watch Sports
  15. Watch Motivational Youtube Videos
  16. Watch Bachelor Videos on Youtube 
  17. Light A Candle
  18. Take A Shower
  19. Create A Vision Board
  20. Plan A Routine
  21. Paint
  22. Practice An Instrument
  23. Clean Your Room
  24. Reorganize Something
  25. Rearrange Your Room
  26. Do Your Makeup
  27. Buy Yourself Flowers
  28. Donate Old Clothes You Don’t Want
  29. Go For A Walk
  30. Go For A Run
  31. Go To The Beach
  32. Go Pet An Animal
  33. Get Coffee With A Friend
  34. Bake Cookies For Someone
  35. Cook Your Favorite Meal
  36. Paint Your Nails
  37. Visit An Older Family Member
  38. Play A Game
  39. Do A Puzzle
  40. Learn A New Craft
  41. Knit A Scarf
  42. Plan A Trip You’ve Been Dying To Go On
  43. Go To The Movies
  44. Take A Bath
  45. Window Shop At The Mall
  46. Draw A Picture
  47. Take Photos
  48. Call Someone Just To Talk
  49. Volunteer Somewhere
  50. Get Your Hair or Nails Done

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