DIY- Exploding Photo Box

I tried to think of something different to show you guys this DIY Saturday. So here is how to make a DIY Exploding Box like the one you see in the photo above! It’s cute and a perfect gift idea for a special someone.


  • 20 pictures
  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Scotch Tape

Step One – 

Cut 25 squares out of the card stock paper. I did 5 for each color.

The size should be about this:

Step Two – 

Put five squares together as shown in the picture and tape the sides together.

Step Three –

You will glue the middle squares to each other, leaving the four end squares to kinda flop around. NOTE: the tape side should be the side you are gluing down.

Step Four – (the most tedious)

Cut the access paper off the sides of the squares. When putting the squares together, they all have to be even with each other.

Step Five – 

There are 20 squares total. Glue all 20 of your pictures on each square.

Step Six –

Making the lid. Cut out a square the size of the original squares. Cut out rectangles that match the sides of each square like shown in the picture.

Step Seven – 

Tape the corners together.

Step Eight –

Your DIY exploding box! When the person you are giving this to takes off the lid, all the pictures will collapse out 🙂

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