Winter Evening Routine – Teacher Edition

I’m so grateful for all the positive feedback on my blog and on Instagram for my Teacher Morning Routine. I am very dedicated to my routines. They make me feel so solid and I know I’m starting and ending my days in a good way.

With that being said, my evening routine differs pretty significant than my morning routine. With my morning routine, I had a time block schedule of what I need to do in the morning. With my evening routine, I don’t have a specific time I do things each day. It’s more of a to-do list than a routine, but I’ll try my best. Some days I go to the gym earlier and some days I don’t go until late or if at all. I try to keep my evening routine somewhat steady but some days differ from others. Like I said, there are days I don’t go to the gym. There are days I stay at work until like 5pm. There are some nights I have rehearsals. There are some nights where I go to bed super early or super late. But I’m going to give you the “typical” evening routine of a teacher on a weeknight 🙂

4/4:30: Leave school

School ends at 3:30 but I stay after school well after to complete extra work.  I find if I bring school work home, I’m not going to do it or I’m not going to be as productive doing it than if I was at school. At school, there are less distractions and I just like to make sure everything is done, neat and organized before I leave. Typically I’m there for only a half hour to an hour. Sometimes I leave after five lol. Those are usually days after a break where there are a million things to do. If I’m there until five, I usually don’t go to the gym because I just want to go home and lay down haha.

Go straight to the gym

I go straight from the gym from work. I used to go home first to get dressed but then I noticed I started to leave later and later. I just want to be out and about once and when I get home, I’m staying home.

I stay at the gym for about an hour and burn off some brain power from work in the day.


By the time I get home from the gym, I’m usually starving. So I make and have dinner right away. Typically something with carbs to keep me energized for the rest of the night.

School work/Blog work (if any)

Like I said, I usually try to keep all my school work at work but there are some days where I have to bring some work home. Typically if I have a book or something at home that I didn’t bring to work that I need. Once I start working on my Masters (New Years Resolution), this will probably be my time to work on that.


I turn on my essential oil diffuser, rock salt lamp, heater and I light my candles and I start off my evening of self care with a yoga session. I have been doing yoga every night. I just feel so refreshed and stronger. I’ve learned so much about my body in just a few short weeks from doing yoga.


I take a quick, relaxing shower.

Snack and reading

I make myself a snack (typically popcorn, I love popcorn.) and I take out my fiction book and read a few chapters from that. If you haven’t checked out my Instagram post, I picked up this habit from my favorite youtuber, Renee Amberg, where I read at least a chapter of a non fiction book in the morning and at least a chapter of a fiction book in the evening. It’s been amazing. I discovered how much I love reading and I’m excited to see how many books I read this year.

Teeth routine

My teeth routine is brushing, flossing and then rinsing with mouthwash.

Face routine

My face routine is using a cleanser, toner, serum, spot treatment, and a lip scrub.

Jade Roller

Guys, I got a Jade Roller for Christmas and it is literally AMAZING. It feels so nice and it’s so good for your skin. I highly recommend purchasing a Jade Roller.

Complete habit tracker

I talked about my habit trackers in my DIY New Years Resolutions post. Check it out, if you haven’t already! But I talked about how I hang my habit tracker on my wall and shade in squares every time I complete a habit. So I take this time to shade in all the habits I completed that day, and then I just take a look at it and feel really good about what I accomplished that day.

Turn on TV – check social media

I know this is a big no no for some people right before bed. My evening routine is all about self care and I just enjoy myself watching a little TV and checking social media or texting Bennett before I fall asleep. Ultimately it’s all about what you feel good about right before bed. End your day however you feel positive.


I tend to go to bed around 10 or 10:30.

That is my evening routine, teacher edition! Again, every day is different. Days I have rehearsals, I don’t go to the gym. Also, days I don’t go to the gym but have nothing going on, I go to bed early. Ugh, I love those days… but I love the gym too haha.

Teachers, have a stress free evening routine filled with self care! 🙂

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