January Plan With Me – Teacher Edition

Happy last day of 2018! If you follow me on Instagram @livelifeprosperblog, you can see that I have been doing some hardcore cleaning and decorating ( or should I say de-decorating from the Holidays 😦 ) Saturday, I did about as much as I could about preparing for the New Year, so today I wanted to talk about planning and organizing not just for the new year but in general, from a teachers perspective.

I used to be all about the color coding, bullet journaling with the perfect straight lines, perfect organizer, perfect habit tracker, perfect food journal, perfect fitness tracker, etc. Honestly, I give people props for maintaining bullet journals. I just couldn’t do it. I wasted so much time with it and it was difficult to keep up with. I felt disappointed whenever I wouldn’t keep up with it. 

With being a teacher, I needed a planning method that was simple, easy to manage and quick. If I have plans, I need to write them down quickly. If I have to-do’s, they need to be written quickly. I wanted something I didn’t need to flip through to get the answers I needed. This is my January Plan With Me, where I will show you how I plan my month and my days. I will also step by step show you how I go about setting up for the month.

My planner is ONLY a monthly planner. I just wanted one layout to look at. Plus, I didn’t want the bulky planner that had the daily layouts to write daily to-do’s or hour by hour appointments. Again, I’d feel guilty when I wouldn’t fill up the to-do space and the day to day appointments. I limited to a monthly planner just to remind myself when I have meetings, blog posts due, appointments etc.

My monthly planner has a pocket in it and I keep one of those mini legal pads in there and I write down my to-do lists. I try to keep my to-do lists minimum and stick to routines. I have another notepad that has time blocks written out.  I use that on the weekends when I’m not working and I’m not doing the same thing over and over again. So really, my only planning methods are a monthly planner, a legal pad for the weekdays, and time block notepad for weekends.

I also use different color pens to differentiate from my different appointments/meetings.

Red – Social/Personal Appointments

Green – Community Rehearsals/Community Concerts

Blue – Work Meetings/Appointments

Purple – Blog Posts

The first thing I did for the month of January is write out all my January blog post ideas. I write them on the day I would like them to go up on the web. Mondays are all topics related to work and teaching. Wednesdays are all topics related to life and wellness. Saturdays are all topics related to DIY crafts/recipes.

Next, I would normally write in all my personal appointments but I don’t have any for the month of January. So, I usually just leave social appointments as they come up throughout the month.

Then I go to my work related items. I label all of the work rotation days for the month of January and all of my faculty meetings and paperwork deadlines.

Finally, I write in my community concerts and community rehearsals because those are my least priorities over work and appointment related things. If I had to cancel something, it would be community rehearsals/concerts.

NOW… with teaching, comes a specific type of planning, lesson planning. I have a binder with “lesson logs” I created myself. There are squares on it to write in what I accomplished in that day and then for the next day, the square is right next to what I previously accomplished, so I can reference back to it.

There you have it! My January Plan With Me. If you are interested in seeing a post all about lesson planning, give this post a like. Happy planning.

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