DIY – How To Make New Years Resolutions

Goal building, healthy habits and resolutions. My favorite topic! Here is my step by step “do it yourself” explanation of how to make new years resolutions and how to make the most of 2019. Included in this blog post are free downloadable templates to build your own 2019 Binder. (Explanation in the blog post)

  1. Audit 2018

I read this amazing blog post about auditing 2018 from livinglikeleila and everything I put below is a summary of what she has in her article. I added a few things that I know would resonate with me better. But to get the full experience, I highly recommend checking out her blog post.

(List 5 Things You Accomplished This Year:

2018 Resolutions: Did You Accomplish Them?

Analyze Your Wheel:

  • Rate that area 1-10
  • Things going well in that area
  • Things to improve on
  • 3 Goals for this area.




Physical Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Health

Family & Friends


Personal Development 



2. 2019 Word of Action:

2019 Word of Action is basically what you would like to revolve your 2019 around. For example, my 2018 Word of Action was “Career” and although that may not have been the most healthy option, now that I look back on the year, this was the category I most succeeded in. My 2019 Word of Action is Self Care because now that I achieved where I need to for the time being career wise, I want to take a step back and focus on improving my physical, mental and spiritual health.

If you are stuck on a Word of Action, think about choosing one from the wheel of life in the auditing exercise.

3. Make A General List, Revise It, and Make A Final List

I made a general list on a peace of lined paper, I revised it and then I completely threw it away and started over again because some of them were just reminders to myself, not actual changes I would like to make.

Make a list or two. Make 10 lists if you need to. Don’t go into 2019 feeling like your goals are mediocre. Really reflect on the changes you would like to make in your life.

4. When & How

After you’ve made your list of goals. When are you going to achieve them and how are you going to achieve them? Is this a daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly goal? How are you going to make sure you implement this into your life?

I developed a 2019 Goal Spreadsheet, and on it you put your resolutions for each category but it also has squares at the bottom highlighted with different colors and each representing the months in 2019. For example, January is colored orange. The categories in the wheel of life: physical, mental and emotional health are colored in orange. That means for 2019, those categories will be my priority. Of course, you can’t neglect the other categories, but the same time you can’t focus on them all either.

How will I make this happen? Well I plan on keeping a weekly habit tracker with all of my to-do’s and habits for this month. Looking at it everyday will help instill that I need to do this habit so I can check it off.

5. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic

Visual: Vision Board – See my free downloadable pdf of my 2019 Goal Spreadsheet. You can hang this on the wall. But also create a vision board using pictures to show your goals.

Auditory: Affirmations – Say your goals and resolutions to yourself in the mirror. It may seem silly but it is so effective.

Kinesthetic: Habit Tracker – So you can physically make yourself check off a task when you are finished with it.


New 2019 Planner

2019 Journal

2019 Binder

The very front, I have my 2019 Goal Spreadsheet. On it has all of my resolutions under each category on the wheel of life. they reside in.

First tab is my weekly habit trackers. Each week I take out the tracker for the week and hang it on the wall so I can see it every morning when I wake up and every night before bed. Once I accomplish an item on my tracker, I shade in the square for the week.

Second tab is my budget log. In Numbers (the spreadsheet app for Apple) there is a very easy template for calculating budget. This is the template I will use for each month, and when the month is over, I will print it out and put it in here for records.

Third tab is for dates. This is a scrapbook page where I can put movie stubs, dinner reciptes, photos, game tickets, etc. with Bennett.

Fourth tab is book club. This template is also featured in my 2019 Binder Sheets. The template has a clipart photo of a book, a rating 1-5 and a few lines underneath. In the little book photo, I will write the title and author of the book. I will rate it 1-5 and then give a summary of what I thought of the book and any other notes. For example: “Read this when you need motivation.” “This book is sad.” etc.

Fifth tab is highlights. These are where I put photos for my resolutions that involve places to visit or one time actions. Resolutions that are not goal/habit building.

Sixth tab is memories. I did this in the year 2013. The binder has two sheet protectors and the back sheet protector contains blank pieces of paper. Anytime I have a really great memory, I will write it on the piece of paper and put it in the other sheet protector. At the end of 2019, I can reflect on all my positive memories.

Seventh tab is journal. This is where I will put my journal(s) after they are completed at the end of 2019.

Well there you have it! My resolution/goal building 101 for 2019. Comment below YOUR New Year Resolutions. I hope you all have a wonderful end to 2018.

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